Donations Gratefully Accepted

This is a totally free website and I intend to keep it that way.  There will never be a password or login required to view this site.  

If you visit my site often, you will find that I like to take a lot of pictures and share them with other builders. Now that I'm flying I also try to include trip pictures as well as videos to help keep others motivated to finish their homebuilt project. I found that when I was first learning to build, pictures were more valuable to me that just reading text. Maybe you are an experienced builder and you don't really need the step-by-step instructions that the Builder's Manuals offer, but a picture of the finished part to see what it looks like would come in handy. That's what this website offers.

My intentions have always been to help other builders as much as I can, no charge.  That's why I'm a technical counsellor for South Mississippi.  I inspect a lot of planes and help a lot of other builders with their projects, and I never take any money.

As I have developed this website, I started off by paying a small fee and received 25 MB of space.  As the project progressed, I kept adding more web space (I now have 1,000 MB), each time increasing my monthly expense, to keep this site going. 

My wife has urged me to start charging for access to this site. I have flatly refused to do that, and I never will.  However, at her urging, I am now offering people the opportunity to make a small donation to assist me in keeping this site growing as the project progresses.  

If this website has been helpful to you, I would appreciate a small donation to help me defer some of my costs to keep it alive and growing, and mostly to keep peace in the household ;>)  

How Much?

You can donate any amount you wish. Is this site worth $1.50 a month to you?  If so, make an $18 donation for this year.

If I could get just a few people to donate $18 to $20 it would be very helpful to me in covering the cost of keeping this website up.  Of course, larger donations are gratefully accepted.

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Thank you very much for your support.