Tuff-Tow Seat Belts page 1

Here are the seat belts that were purchased from Tuff-Tow.  I got the inertia reels for the front seat shoulder harness due to the flap handle reach needed.

Here is the outboard passenger side belt:

As you can see it is fully adjustable to as tight as you want it.  You pull on the gray seat belt to tighten.  Pull on the black strap to loosen.

When fully extended, these front belts (both inboard and outboard) are approximately 36" long:

Kind of hard to hold the camera, seat belt and tape measure all at once :>)

The inboard front seat belt on the passenger side (between the seats).

Again this belt is approx. 36" long when fully extended and is adjustable as tight as you want to go.

The passenger side shoulder strap inertia reel:

The shoulder strap end slides over the end of the outboard seat belt:

Here it is slid over the end:

The inboard seat belt is then snapped in place capturing the shoulder harness and outboard belt:

Of course these work much better with an actual person in the seat:

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