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Started March 15, 2007

The front doors are skinned with .025 aluminum on the outside and are covered with Poly Fiber fabric on the inside.

Here is the door skin drilled to the door frame:

Before cutting the mouse door out, the hinge was positioned and drilled to the door skin, door frame and mouse door.  The hinge was slipped between the door skin and the tube at the top of the mouse door opening in the door frame. It was drilled to the skin and door frame using 1" spacing. A couple of strips of .032 aluminum were cut and fitted to what will become the mouse door to act as a stop. These were drilled and clecoed to the mouse door skin.

Note: In the above picture the door had already been cut but the stop strips and hinge were fitted and drilled before the cut was made.

Here is the view with the door installed on the fuselage and in the closed position:

Of course, the purpose of the mouse door is to allow the door to open further when it comes into contact with the wing strut.  Here it is in the open position:

Door Skins

Completed: May 5, 2007

Total Time: 18 hours

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