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Started May 19, 2007

The first step in the engine cowling fabrication process, is to locate and position the nose bowl. You can purchase your nose bowl from Bob Barrows by going to this website:


If you have purchased a nose bowl that is a split, start by assembling the two halves and drilling and clecoing them together.  The nose bowl, prop spinner and prop must be installed to get this set up properly.

The nose bowl must be positioned in its final place and then firmly clamped in position so it can't move during the fabrication process of the engine cowling.  The nose bowl should be spaced  to allow a 1/4" to 1/2" gap between the nose bowl and prop spinner.  To space mine at exactly 1/4", I used some wood blocks as shims.  The spinner plate is 1/2" deep so I used some 3/4" thick wood as a spacer between the spinner plate and the front of the nose bowl as shown here:

Note in the picture above, the nose bowl has been positioned so the top is slightly low where it meets the spinner. This is to allow for engine settling.  With new motor mount rubber spacers, you can expect the engine to settle and move down about 1/8" or so after you have flown for a few hours.  If you align the nose bowl to line up with the prop spinner at the top, the nose bowl will end up being too high after the engine settles.

The top "C" channels can be placed under the firewall flange and under the nose bowl flange because there will be a hinge sandwiched between the channels and the top skin.  The hinge acts as a spacer and brings the skin flush with the boot cowl and the outside edge of the nose bowl.

Next, the same size "C" channels were made for the sides.  These will be installed low enough to have good access to the engine bottom spark plugs:

Make sure that you position these side  "C" channels to be parallel with the bottom of the side windows and tops of the cabin doors.  This will give you nice lines that are parallel and flow nicely, especially when you start laying out your stripes.

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