Engine Cowling page 3

A filter air tunnel was made to mount a fliter to and attaches to the carb air box ont the carburetor.

With the filter bracket installed, the air intake tunnel was positioned so the filter bracket was centered in the cowl. One important thing to note is that there at least 1/2" clearance all around, which is pretty important considering how much these Lycoming engines shake, rattle and roll during start-up and shut down.  At this point, you might be wondering about the big ugly hole in the cowl that the air intake tunnel sits in.  Stay tuned, we will be building a cover that will not only give it a give it a nice finished look, but will tie the two halves of the bottom cowl together.

Here is the side view of the bottom cowl and air box tunnel at this point:

The big hole that was cut in the bottom cowl  to allow clearance for the air intake tunnel, caused it to lose it's stiffness and it got a little saggy in the middle.  This will be fixed when we make and install the tunnel cover.  For now we just temporarily clamped some wood strips inside and out as shown in the picture above.  This holds a nice straight line on the bottom cowl for the next part of the fabrication process.

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