Engine Cowl page 5

With the hinge clecoed in place on the door, we can now attach the door to the top cowl piece and see what kind of fit we have.  Here is the initial fitting:

Starting to fit nicely but needs just a bit more tweaking.  At this point the door was removed, rolled a little and replaced several times until I got a good fit.  I found that even with my best efforts, I still got a bit of spring-back at the bottom, but that's okay, the camlocks will hold it shut.

Once the door was fitting  nicely, it was final trimmed to allow it to fit inside the groove of the nose bowl flange and to allow a 1" overlap at the aft end.  It was trimmed for a 2" overlap at the bottom.

The location of the cowl fasteners (Camlocks) was determined and holding the door down tightly, the holes were drilled and clecoed for now.  Here is the completed cowl door on the pilot's side:

Engine Cowl

Completed:  July 27, 2007

Total Time: 48 hours

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