Firewall page 2

 A backing board was made from some extra MDF that I had laying around the shop.  It was made about 1/4" smaller than the firewall formblock.  The stainless steel was properly positioned between the formblock and backing board and the whole sandwich was clamped using several "C" clamps as shown here:

The dead blow mallet was then used to form the flange much like was done when forming the wing ribs.

Here is the completed firewall after it was back-drilled and bolted to the fuselage:

The little splotches are actually my fingerprints all over the place.  

And finally, here is the firewall with the engine and mount bolted in place:

As a double check, I clamped the nose bowl in place and ran the strings as before.  Everything fit perfectly and the strings make a nice smooth transition from nose bowl to instrument panel and door flanges.


Completed: 03/04/06

Total time: 16 hours