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Father-in-Law and building partner Lonnie Gibbons was down on the coast to help out and was volunteered to calibrate the oil dipstick for me. Lonnie poured in the oil and marked the level on the dipstick every 2 quarts:

As the oil was added, the dipstick was re-inserted after each 2 quarts, then removed, and the oil level was marked on the dipstick using a small, sharp edged file to cut a groove at the oil mark on the blank dipstick that came with the engine:

The bottom mark is 2 quarts which is the minimum allowable oil.  There are then 3 additional marks (4 qts, 6qts, and 8qts) marked on the dipstick.  8 qts is the maximum for the O-360 engine.  The marks are not labelled but the calibration will be shown in the Pilot Operations Handbook (POH).

The Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) and Cylinder Head Temperatures (CHT) probes were installed next.  To install the EGT probes, you simply drill a 1/8" hole in each exhaust pipe and insert the probe, which is held in place with hose clamps. The EGT probes should be located within 2" to 6" of the cylinder head, in a straight part of the exhaust and in such a way that it doesn't interfere with the cowling or access to the spark plugs. For accuracy, all of the EGT probes should be located at the same distance from the cylinder head.

The CHT probes simply screw into a threaded hole just behind the spark plug in each cylinder. Here is a picture of the EGT and CHT probes installed on the left side of the engine:

They also make "ring type" CHT probes that fit on with the spark plug (under the gasket).  Those are not as accurate as the bayonet type probes that I used.

The wires were routed as shown below and secured with adel clamps as needed:

Here is the wiring on the right side of the engine, again secured with adel clamps as needed:

Here is a picture of the aft end of the engine showing all of the wire routing:

As you can see, I used corrugated, split conduit to cover and bundle the wiring harnesses.

Firewall Forward Plumbing and Hookups

Completed:  April 12, 2008

Total Time: 12 hours

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