Interior Details

Started February 23, 2008

You get to a point eventually in this build process where you just have a lot of little stuff to do.  Since most of this doesn't fit anywhere else, I decided to just make a page for all of the little details of the final assembly of the interior.

One item that I needed to complete before closing up the rear bulkhead was the static system.  Once that was completed, the aft end of the fuselage was thoroughly vacuumed and then the rear baggage bulkhead was installed.  Here it is with the little inspection door open:

Here is the baggage bulkhead with the inspection door shut:

The control stick grips contain push switches for up/down trim as well as PTT (push to talk) for the Comm radio.  Here they are all wired and installed:

The wiring harness runs through a hole with a rubber grommet in it at the base of the vertical tube. The wires were tie wrapped to the control stick horizontal tube and run back to the area under the seat.  This was wrapped with white vinyl tape to protect the wiring harness.

I had to rig a way to hold the cargo doors open.  If not restrained, the aft cargo door will swing open too far and the edge of the skin will cut into the fabric on the fuselage side.  To limit the opening of the aft cargo door, a simple 1/16" cable was made up and attached to the top of the door and the door frame with a screw and large area washers:

The screws were left loose enough to allow the cable ends to pivot under the washers.  Red Loctite was used to secure the screws.

The front part of the cargo door system will not stay open by gravity like the aft door will, so some positive way must be devised to hold it open.  I have seen a couple of methods from a clip under the wing to what Bob used on the prototype, a cord tied off to the wing strut. While looking around the local Home Depot, I found what I considered to be a fairly good solution. What I found is a mechanism that is designed to hold cabinet doors open. Here is a picture of the device holding the forward cargo door in the open position:

The above device comes in a right hand and left hand version.  The one above is a Left Hand one. I just drilled and tapped holes for 8-32 screws to attach it.

Here it is from the inside with the door closed:

Works great and is lightweight.

The seat belts were installed for the final time.  I decided to use interia reel shoulder harnesses so I can bend forward and reach the flap handle easier.

The ceiling of the cabin has two dome lights. Up front are some map reading lights and an overhead light is installed in the baggage area:

Note also that the inspection hole covers have been installed.  The headset jacks for the rear seat passengers were installed overhead.

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