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Bottom Stringers

There are a couple of formers that must be fitted before the stringers are installed, one the bottom of station "B" and one on the bottom of station "C".

The one at station "B" is rounded and is made from some 3/8" tube.  Some bracing tubes were then fitted and welded in place as shown below:

The former at station "C" is also 3/8" tube but is more sharply bent to better match with the shape that the fabric will take around the stringers. The measurements and shape are shown on drawing #16. Some "U" shaped brackets were formed to fit the aluminum stringers (as previously described)  The brackets were then welded to the former at station "C" and the stringers were attached as shown below:

The stringers were then shaped and standoffs fitted just like was done on the top stringers, be careful to get a nice rounded, pleasing curve.  Here is a picture of the bottom stringers (looking toward the tail):

Here are the left side stringers in place:

Hint: To assure nice straight stringers, leave the string stretched out and align each standoff to the string as you go.

Here are the right side stringers installed:

After everything was fitted, the stringers were all removed and the standoffs were final welded to the fuselage.


Completed: 02/06/06

Total Time:  29 hours

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