Fitting Wings to Fuselage page 2

A Low Wing Bearhawk?

Nope - just the wings have been positioned on saw horses in preparation for lifting up to the fuselage and being fitted.

The wings were lifted and braced in place. Here is what the project looks like at this point:

The "T" braces that are used to temporarily support the wings were positioned and shimmed to get the wings in the approx. correct level of dihedral (1 degree).

The holes in the wing spars and fuselage wing mounts were all drilled under-size (1/4") during construction.  To get an idea of how well the wings are fitting the 3/16" bolts were removed one at a time and replaced with 1/4" bolts (after a little nudging here and there to get the holes perfectly lined up).

Here is a group photo of the 4 wing strut attachment fittings being compared to the full size drawings in the plans:

The struts were then assembled and bolted to the airplane.  Here is Bearhawk #682 with its wings all fitted up:

Wings Fitted to Fuselage

Completed: 03/25/06

Total Time: 31 hours

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