Bearhawk Riders page 1

This web page will serve as my scrapbook of people who have taken a ride in my Bearhawk (the Miss'ippi Mudbug).  As an added bonus, it will allow those who have ridden with me a way to download a picture of themselves in the Bearhawk.

November 24, 2008
The very first ride went to my 11 year old grandson Cole:

This boy is hooked.

November 27, 2008
Next up was my building partner and Father-in-Law Lonnie:

October 25, 2008
The next ride went to Lonnie's wife and my mother-in-law Ann:

Also on the same day, it was my wife Michelle's turn:

November 11, 2008
Georgia Bearhawk builder John Rheney came for a visit and took a ride:

January 17, 2009
Denver Bearhawk builder Scott Cauldwell was next.  Scott is a regional airline pilot and was on a short layover in Gulfport, so he came by to see the Bearhawk. He brought along his co-pilot Christina, so I took them both up for a ride:

February 7, 2009

Today, some old friends of ours Bob and Brenda Jackson showed up at the airport unexpected.  Little did I know that the para-sail plane sitting in the corner of the hangar where my Bearhawk resides, belongs to Bob and Brenda.  I offered them a ride in the Bearhawk and they jumped right in without a hesitation.

(picture pending)

February 8, 2009
My daughter Shannan (Cole's mom) went up with me in the Mudbug today. Shannan talked me into flying her over the nearby barrier islands  which are about 10 miles south of the Mississippi beaches in the Gulf of Mexico.  Lots of fun sightseeing and she had a great flight:

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