Family Rides in the Bearhawk page 2

Here is mom as we taxied back in after her first ever flight in a small airplane:

I think this picture captures her excitement pretty well.

Next up for first rides in the Bearhawk was my beautiful wife Michelle:

Michelle flew with me in my RV-6A and also put in quite a few hours in a Cessna-172 with me, so she is an old hand at this. She really enjoyed the performance of the Bearhawk and most of all liked being able to open the window while we were flying.  It was bit chilly this morning so she didn't leave it open for very long.

After Michelle, it was my 11 year old grandson Cole's turn:

This about the 4th time Cole has been up with me.  This boy is absolutely infatuated with flying.  I let him take him take the stick for a while (he can't quite reach the rudder pedals yet) and he did some yanking and banking until Papa finally started to get a bit woosy and had to take it back.  What a blast he had.

When we got back to the hangar, Cole spent some time excitedly demonstrating the flying he did in Paps's airplane to his grandma (who took his picture as he described it with hands and words):

I think you are looking at a future airshow performer here.

Well that's about it for this time.  Lonnie was having a bit of trouble with his leg so he decided to not attempt to climb in the Bearhawk this morning.  But there is always another day. As the family loaded up the cars to depart for church, Cole and I tucked the Miss'ippi Mudbug safely away in her hangar where she will be there waiting for the next time we get to go have some fun together:

Did I mention - I LOVE THIS AIRPLANE!!  Those of you still building, keep at it, doing a little bit every day until you are done.  Believe me, it is all worth it.

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