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Michelle spent some time trying on some different headsets.  I told her that she needed to find some new ones, as she always seems to get a headache from the headsets we have after a couple of hours of flying time. Here she is trying on some of the newest light-weight, in the ear type headsets:

After trying several different ones, we finally chose the QT Halo from Quiet Technologies. I bought a set for Michelle and a set for me. The claim is that they meet or exceed ANR headsets in noise attenuation and sound quality. We tried them on the way home and found them to most excellent.  They are much better in sound quality than my old Bose series 1 headsets. I can actually understand the controllers now and didn't have to say "say again?" even once.  

One day we had quite a few visitors at the booth that I have gotten to know through the Bearhawk Yahoo group.  Here is a group photo:

From left to right: Wayne Massey, Fred Spain, Bruce Frank and Eric Newton.  Marvin Haught showed up a short time later but we didn't get a picture with him.

Bruce Frank and Bob Barrows spent some time discussing all of the off-topic discussion on the Yahoo group.  I don't think either one changed his mind. :>)

One of the folks who make airplane covers had made one to fit the Bearhawk and asked if they could test fit it on N57EN.

They graciously loaned us the cover every night for the entire show.

I got  Michelle to take a picture of Bob Barrows and Budd Davisson with me in front of the Miss'ippi Mudbug:

Michelle:  "Smile Budd"  -  Budd: "This IS my smile, you should see me when I'm mad".

On Friday night, we were invited to Fred Spain's campsight along with Bob Barrows for some awesome grilled steaks.  We sat around having a few beers, watching the night airshow and talking all things related to Bearhawks and life in general:

Fred made some of the best steaks I ever had.

Here is Michelle and Cole trying out some chair massagers and foot machines.  

Let's just say, the Bearhawk was a bit heavier going home but my wallet was a lot lighter :>)

Cole tried on one of the light sport airplanes for size:

"Just my size Papa"

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