Videos of N57EN - Miss'ippi Mudbug

The following is a collection of videos that I've posted to YouTube of N57EN "Miss'ippi Mudbug flying.  I plan to update this page regularly.  Please rate these videos for me on YouTube, thanks:

Very first landing of N57EN on June 7, 2008 (Shade Tree, grass airstrip)

A demonstration of the climb abilities of this 180 HP Bearhawk
with three full sized adults and full fuel

A nice flight along the beach. Shows takeoff and
 landing at our grass airstrip at Shade Tree Airport (MS82).

Similar to the above video but with some music attached and shows landing from the outside the cockpit.

Spin Testing

This is my instructor Lee Taylor and I doing some 3 turn spins in the Bearhawk.

Miss'ippi Mudbug is Sold - Last Flight

This is the first time I ever got see the Miss'ippi Mudbug flying with me being on the ground.  My instructor Lee Taylor is delivering it to it's new owner in Canada.  Lee took off, did one low pass for me and then off into the clouds. Sad day for me as I watch my baby fly off for the last time.