Elevator Bellcrank & Cable System page 3

Here is what a cable end should look like when all three crimps have been properly made.  The Nicopress sleeve goes from being oval, to being round:

The GO /NO Go gauge is used to check for the proper crimp amount.

Here are the turnbuckles attached at the bell crank:

I haven't trimmed the excess cable off yet in the above picture.  It will be trimmed leaving about 1/2" sticking out and then will be taped up.  Some builders slip on some heat shrink before crimping and then slide it down and shrink it over the ends.

Here are the elevator cables passing through the gang pulleys at Stations ""D &F":

Here is the connection of the top elevator cable at the elevator horn, using a cable shackle:

The holes in the shackles are 1/4" so again, bushings were made from some 1/4" x .028 tube for the 3/16" bolt.  That way the shackle will rotate on the bushing instead of the bolt.

Elevator Bellcrank and Cable System

Completed:  June 4, 2005

Total Time: 21 Hours

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