Started February 8, 2005

A brake mounting ring must be fabricated from some .100 steel plate (4130).  It slips onto the axle and is positioned the correct distance from the end of the axle, then is welded in place.

 Here is the piece ready to be installed on the axle:

Also shown in the picture is the wheel stop that will slipped on the axle and welded in place at the proper location as per the plans.  You can also see the brake mount that came with the wheel cylinders.

Here is the axle with the brake ring wheel stop welded in place:

Here is a picture with the Tire/Wheel and Cleveland double puck brake installed:

The brakes were bought used from Wentworth.  They came from a Cessna 180.  They appear to be in good condition but will need a little paint to look pretty.

Wheel Brakes

Completed: February 15, 2005

Total Time:  8 hours

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