Landing Gear Struts page 2

Now to fit the Landing Gear struts to the fuselage and landing gear.

The plans call for extending the Gear Strut 1.38" (see July 2004 engineering change) and then fitting it to the Landing Gear with the Axles in the level position.  I copied an idea from Russ Erb's CD to extend the Gear Strut the required amount as shown below:

Some 7/8" tubing was cut to length as shown and slipped over the piston rod to hold the strut in the proper extension length.

The fuselage was then levelled side-to-side and fore/aft.  The Axles were then braced into a level position:

The struts are fitted and aligned so that the streamline tube is aligned with the wind when the airplane is in level flight.  

Here is what the strut attachment at the axle looks like when all finished:

Here it is attached to the Axle:

Landing Gear Struts

Completed:  August 13, 2005

Total Time:  48 hours (includes fitting to the Fuselage)

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