Rudder Pedals page 4

When I visited Bob Barrows last year I noticed that we were about the same height and had about the same leg length.  So I decided to go ahead and mount my rudder pedals according to the plans.  If you have shorter legs, you may want to locate your rudder pedals more aft.  Check out Russ Erb's CD for how he did his.

Scaling to the plans, the axis part of the rudder pedal assembly appears to be exactly 4" from the bottom cross tube of the firewall.  I initially mounted them there as well.  I later found out that it is too close to the firewall (for my taste anyway).  I'll explain why later and show how I ended up relocating them.

Once the rudder pedal assembly was match drilled and bolted to the fuselage, it was time to get the brake cylinders mounted.  The top of each brake cylinder is bolted to a mounting tab welded to the back of the brake pedal.  The mounting tab is shown full scale in the drawings.  

Here is the tab after welding and the brake pedal has been mounted to the rudder pedal:

The bottom of each brake cylinder is mounted to a couple of mounting tabs that are welded to the bottom cross tube of the firewall:

Here is the first brake cylinder mounted in place:

Now I'll run the rudder cables so I can get it all hooked up and check for proper clearances of the master cylinders from the firewall.

The rudder cables run through a series of cable fairleads.  The fairleads are a hard plastic ring mounted in a piece of 7/8" x .058 tube cut to 1/2" long.  The fairleads are split to help install them and are held in place with a snap ring:

The short piece of tube is simply welded in place as shown below:

After cooling, the fairlead halves are slipped in place and secured with the snap ring:

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