Estimated Materials List for the Fuselage Steel Frame

The following message is from Wayne Massey:

Attached is my material list in spread sheet format. My numbers are based on a complicated formula :-) ...Actually it's a combination of adding the sum of the material in Rod Smiths materials list, adding 10% then cross checking against 3 other lists; 1) the steel requirement list on the CD; 2) Todd Archers list that is in the archives; 3) and Paul Minelga order list that he was kind enough to forward to me. If my numbers didn't jive with the others I used the highest figure. My numbers were very close to Paul's figures.

The spread sheet has 3 pages. The first one was my planning sheet. For any tubing that was 2 feet or less I'm just going to order from Aircraft Spruce (there is a 4' min with Dillsburg). Also it's important to note that my list does not include the wing steel requirements since I've already done - which is why my number were close to Paul's because he had the same situation. The second sheet is my Dillsburg order that I just faxed in this morning. The third sheet is my planned order with Aircraft Spruce. Once I finalize the order with Dillsburg I'll add anything that Dillsburg didn't have to my Aircraft Spruce order. Click here to Download Wayne's Steel Order Spreadsheet

The only real discrepancy I found comparing to the other list was the 3/4" square tubing. You've probably seen the discussion on window and door frames. I'm planning to use the square tubing on the window frames.


BH 733

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