Nose Ribs

Started August 23, 2003

A template for the nose ribs was made out of MDF.  As in all ribs, the template was made from the master formblock including the shape and hole locations.  By using one of the formblocks for the master pattern to create everything else, I hope to have consistently identical ribs.

The nose rib blanks must have a 9/16" flange added full length except right at the leading edge.

Here is the nose rib template ready to make some nose ribs:

To make the nose ribs, the nose rib template was simply placed on the aluminum sheet (2024 T3 .025)  and traced around with a marker.  The nose rib blanks were then rough cut to about 1/4" outside of the line using tin snips.  Here are the pile of 46 rough cut nose ribs:

The above picture represents many hours and lots of hand cramps. 

If you cut right to the line with tin snips the rib edges will come out wavy.  Its best to cut to about 1/4" outside the line then go back and finish cut to the line.  

Here is the finished product.  

Once all 46 nose ribs were cut to final shape and completed deburred the larger lightening holes were made.

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