Cargo Doors page 1

Started 04/08/06

The cargo doors are an option that most builders are choosing.  They do add some weight and complexity to the project but are certainly worth it when you are actually using your Bearhawk.  It makes it much easier to access the back seat and baggage areas.

The cargo door frames are made from 3/4" x 3/4" square tubing .035" thick (4130N). It is best to make these in the door opening just like was done with the main doors and windows.  The key here is to make the cargo doors to be shaped to match the other side of the fuselage.

Here is the entire cargo door system frame fitted and tack welded:

The door flange was notched to receive the hinge.  Here is the hinge welded in place:

And here it is welded to the door frame and bolted to the fuselage hinge:

The remaining cargo door hinges are are similar so I won't repeat all of them.

Before installing the diagonal braces, I want to install the latches.  That way I will know exactly where to make the holes for the rods that secure the aft door to the fuselage frame.

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