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Started March 27, 2006

The details for the doors and windows are located in the Bear-Traks April 1998 newsletter (with an update in the July 1998 newsletter).  The basic door frames are made from 3/4" x .035 steel tubing.

The best way to insure a good, accurate fit is to simply build the door frames in place on the fuselage.  

Here is the basic door frame:

Here is the top door hinge welded to the door frame and bolted to the other hinge half.:

Before welding this on, make sure the door frame is properly aligned in the door opening of the fuselage and clamped in place with the 1/4" spacers.

The bottom door hinge is slightly different as it must be longer to clear the door flanges.  Here is the bottom hinge in place and welded on:

The hole is there to allow a fuel line to pass through later on.  

Here is the completed pilot's side door and window frames, ready for some aluminum covering (and plexiglass):

Main Doors and Windows

Completed: August 20, 2006

Total Time: 44 hours

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