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Started September 29, 2007

I have made a conscientious effort to fabricate every part of the Bearhawk that I possibly could.  However, since I have a severe allergy to the epoxy resins used for fiberglass, I have elected to purchase my wingtips from T.Q. Fiberglass Products (717)899-6038.  

I found that they basically fit fairly well right out of the box.  They were only about 1/8" too short, so I had to make a very slight modification to the trailing edge skin of the wing (at the outboard rib) as shown here:

I drilled a 1/8" relief hole then trimmed the end as shown above.  The cut part was then squeezed down a bit. With this done the wingtip slid right in place and the end comes even with with trailing edge of the tip rib skin as shown here:

Here is the wingtip drilled and clecoed in place on the top:

I plan to use #6 screws and platenuts. The hole spacing is 3".

As you can see, the wingtip fits perfectly:

I noticed that the wingtip stuck out just a little, right at the leading edge of the nose skin, leaving a slight gap.  To allow the wingtip lay down nicely at the leading edge, the wing skin was trimmed as shown below to relieve the pressure and allow the leading edge of wingtip to lay flat:

With all of the holes along the top of the wingtip drilled, the wing was flipped over and the bottom holes were drilled next:

Before drilling the bottom holes, make sure that the trailing edge of the wingtip is level.  Sight along the flat trailing edge of the wingtip, comparing it to the trailing edge at the root of the wing and make sure that it is level, in other words, make sure the wingtip isn't tilted up or down.

With the wing tips all drilled to the wings, they can be removed for now.  I plan to install lights in my wingtips so I want them to be removable, therefore they will be attached to the wings with #6 screws and nutplates.

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