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Started June 6, 2005

The rudder pedals, like the control sticks, incorporate a tube inside a tube design.  The plans show a dual rudder (pilot/passenger) pedal set-up with a single set of brake pedals on the pilot's side.  I plan on installing brakes for both sides. The pedals that control a left rudder response are welded  on to a piece of  7/8" tube and the pedals that control right rudder response are welded to a piece of 3/4" tube that is slid inside the 7/8" tube.

Here is the gap created in the 7/8" tube for the pilot's side right pedal:

The 3/4" tube can now be slid inside the 7/8" tube and the rudder pedals can be fitted in place for welding.  

The plans call for reinforcement straps to be welded to the pilot's side rudder pedals because only that side has brake pedals.  Since I will have brake pedals on both the pilot's side and passenger's side, I will install these reinforcement strips on both sides.  The strips are 1/2" wide and taper to a point with a 1" long taper.

Here is the reinforcement strap after welding:

Note: the rudder pedal assembly cannot be disassembled once you weld the pilot's side right rudder pedal in place.  That's because that pedal goes in the notched area of the 7/8" tube.  I recommend that you weld all the other pedals in place first, then you can disassemble everything and clean out the welding slag inside the 7/8" tube.  With the slag all cleaned out, you can re-assemble it and then weld the pilot's side right rudder pedal in place.  Also. don't forget to drill some oil holes in the top of the 7/8" tube in a few places.

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