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The Elevator and Rudder hinges are simple strap hinges.  The Elevator or Rudder spar rotates inside of a piece of 1" X .049 tubing.  A 1" wide strip of 4130 "N" steel sheet is wrapped around the 1" tubing, welded to it and then bolted to the Horizontal Stabilizer for the elevators and to the Tail Post for the rudder.

The strip of 4130 is tightly wrapped around the tube and both ends of the strip are parallel and 1" apart on the opposite side as shown below:

Now, the strap is welded to the 1" tube and then while its still warm, slip it off the mandrel.  If it doesn't come right off, let it cool a little, then try some penetrating oil and twist it back and forth.  Again, I have found that pre-cleaning the inside of the tube and outside of the mandrel, made all the difference in getting the hinge off the mandrel after welding.

Here is the strap hinge at this point:

The strap hinge needs a grease fitting attached.  I simply welded on a 1/4" nut, drilled a hole in the center and then screwed on a grease fitting.  This procedure is outlined in more detail on the Wing Steel page 3.

And here is one of the hinges slipped over the elevator spar:

The grease fitting is facing down.  I'll have to remove some of the table top surface with my router so the parts can lay flat for welding.

Now there is a little prep work on the Horizontal Stabilizer and then the finishing touches on these strap hinges can be completed.  Go to the next page for that.

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