Mounting the Horizontal Stabilizers page 5

The plans call for the top end of the support strut to be smashed flat, bent at an angle and then drilled and bolted to the bottom of the Horizontal Stabilizer forward tube.  One builder reported that he found cracks at that point during his Annual Condition Inspection.  An engineering  change notice came out in the April 2005 Beartracks newsletter.  The fix is to simply weld an AN960 washer at the hole (see 2nd picture below). This will help spread the loads out more evenly.

As per the Engineering change, an AN960 washer was placed and held centered over the hole with a bolt.  

The washer was then welded in place.  After it cooled, the end was trimmed until it was rounded and even with the washer,  The end was then welded shut.

Here it is after trimming and welding, bolted to the Horz. Stab.

Horizontal Stabilizer Mounted

Completed: April 14, 2005

Total Time: 28 hours

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