Rudder Stops

April 19, 2005

All Control Surfaces should have positive "stops" to limit their travel.  This is especially important for the rudder, which could come into contact with the elevators if allowed to travel too far.  The Rudder should be able to pivot 30 degrees left  (from center) and 30 degrees right (from center).  No more and no less.

The plans don't show a "stop" for the rudder so I devised my own.  I used a piece of .063 steel plate, 1/2" wide and 1 1/2" long, The last 1/2" was bent to an angle just over 90 degrees.  

The rudder horn comes into contact with the stop when the rudder is at 30 degrees deflection.  The angle was bent until the rudder horn contacts the stop flat.

Here it is with the rudder against the stop:

This set-up is very solid, but lightweight.

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