Horizontal Stabilizer page 2

Now, with all of the T-25 ribs completed, we can start assembly of the Horizontal Stabilizer and start getting ready to weld it together.

The 1/2" tube that runs diagonally across the Horizontal Stabilizer runs through each of the T-25 ribs. Therefore, the T-25 ribs must be accurately drilled to accept this tube.  To do this, the tube was placed over the T-25 ribs and using a framing square, the location was transferred to the side of each T-25 rib.

The ribs could then be removed and drilled to accept this tube.

The final pieces were fitted next.

Now it's time to weld. . .

And here is the first Horizontal Stabilizer all welded up:

Since the left and right stabilizers are identical at this point, I simply make an identical copy of this one for the other side.

Here are the Horizontal Stabilizers.  To get an idea of their size, the table is 4' X 8' and you as you can see, they hang off of each end:

Thats it for the Horizontal Stabilizers.  Now it's on to the Elevators.

Horizontal Stabilizers (right & left)

Completed:  November 12, 2004

Total Time:  31 hours

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