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With the rudder all welded up, it was removed from the jig and the rudder horn was positioned for welding.  Here is a picture of the rudder horn welded in place:

ADDENDUM December 1, 2004  In the picture above, the Rudder Horn was installed backwards.  To see how I fixed this stupid mistake go here.

I have decided to go with a tail position light/strobe in the rudder.  To accommodate this, I purchased a tail light mount from Aircraft Spruce.  The mount is simply welded to the trailing edge tube of the rudder.  

The tail light mount was tack welded to both sides of the tube and after making sure everything was still lined up, it was final welded in place.  Here is the view from the rear:

Here is a picture of the completed rudder:

That's it for the tail surfaces ,for now.  There will be some more work to be done when I get ready to mount them up to the fuselage.  But, before I can go any further I need to build the fuselage.


Completed : November 30, 2004

Total Time: 23 hours

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