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Eric Newton flys The Bearhawk LSA

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The Miss'ippi Mudbug Bearhawk N57EN

This is my 3rd homebuilt aircraft project. The most recent was a Van's RV-6A that was completed in 18 months during 2000 and 2001. Click here to see my RV-6A

The RV is a nice fast airplane (about 158 knots) but the load carrying capabilities were limited with me weighing in at 240 lbs. I also got tired of looking at the top of the wing all of the time. I sold the plane the following year and built this Bearhawk, finishing it in May of 2008.

My dream is to explore the USA one 3 day weekend at a time, carrying baggage, camping gear and occasionally giving a 3rd or 4th person a ride. All of this can be done in the Bearhawk.

The Bearhawk is a 4 place, high wing plane with excellent utility and visibility. The cockpit is actually a little bigger than a Cessna 172, so there's lots of room. It is slower than the RV but will still get there at around 140 MPH and the view of the terrain is a lot better. I kind of feel like the RV was a sportscar and the Bearhawk is an SUV.

This web site shows some of the basics of how I built a Bearhawk aircraft, mostly in my garage, over a 4 1/2 year period.. If you are contemplating building your own, I have created a complete 3-volume set of detailed Bearhawk Builder's Manuals to walk you through the whole process. With a set of the plans, some basic hand tools and these manuals, you can build yourself a Bearhawk.

I view building a homebuilt aircraft as an adventure of discovery and excitement. Now that the bearhawk is done, I will be outlining my flying adventures and cool trips taken in this wonderful aircraft. So come along and join me for this adventure.

Here is a brief slide show on how I built this Bearhawk Airplane:

Click the picture above for a slide show of how to build a Bearhawk

If you are interested in starting your own Bearhawk airplane project you can purchase the plans from:

R & B Aircraft
Bob Barrows

2079 Breckinridge Rd.
Fincastle, VA 24090
R&B Aircraft website:

Bob also designed a two-place tandem seated version called the Patrol. Now that my Bearhawk is finished and flying, my shop felt too empty so I have decisded to take on a new project. I am building a Bearhawk Patrol. 

Just recently, Bob Barrows finished up his LSA Bearhawk. .I got to fly it and it was a blas (click here for my Pirep on th LSA).  He is now selling the plans for the new Bearhawk LSA. 

Get the Bearhawk Builder's Manuals here. (note: The Bearhawk Builder's Manuals are also beneficial for Patrol and LSA builders, as the plans and construction techniques are very similar.)

Avipro sells the Bearhawk kits. Go to their website by clicking on the airplane below to go to the official Avipro Bearhawk Aircraft web page.

Click on airplane above to go to the official Avipro Bearhawk Site


Questions?  Come join our group of Bearhawk Builders and Flyers here:

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